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Telco is at an evolutionary inflection point and the only way forward is with the adoption of the public cloud and AI. We’re catalyzing this transformation with $1 billion in capital to make it a mainstream reality.

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I’m Danielle Rios Royston, but you can call me by my initials, DR.

I’m Danielle Rios Royston, Founder and CEO of TelcoDR and the acting CEO of Totogi. I have 25 years of enterprise software experience – the last 10+ as a CEO specializing in turnarounds.

As telco’s leading public cloud evangelist, I have raised $1 billion to fundamentally transform telco software, propelling the industry to new heights with the power of the public cloud. I’ve been asked to speak on some of the biggest stages in the industry and shared my thoughts in numerous publications. I live in Austin, TX, and hold a B.S. in computer science from Stanford University.

Danielle Royston

Who we are

Telco is on the precipice of a monumental shift – a transformational evolution to public cloud and AI adoption – and at TelcoDR we’re catalyzing this change. Founded and led by telco’s leading public cloud evangelist, Danielle Rios Royston (DR), TelcoDR has raised $1B in capital to acquire assets, build cloud-native software and provide the support the industry needs to make the leap.

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What we do

The public cloud is an unstoppable force coming to our industry. Telco cannot afford to miss out. But the software we use in telco is out of date, built on last century’s technology. At TelcoDR, our fundamental belief is that the software must be refactored and rewritten, so that telco can take advantage of the awesome benefits of public cloud.

Who’s going to rewrite that software? We are!

To make this happen, we’ve raised $1B for a Telco Transformation Fund to:


We build the software the industry needs, on the public cloud, for the public cloud. Meet Totogi.


We educate the industry and support telcos who move to the public cloud so that they can achieve their business goals.


We acquire telco enterprise software companies to pivot their products to the public cloud – and invest in those who are already building right there on the public cloud. Meet Skyvera.

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I’ve shared my vision in leading publications, such as:

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