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Danielle Royston at the DSP World Leader's Forum, Windsor


5 things you gotta do at MWC24

22 February 2024 - MWC24 is finally here! Telco execs, here are five must-dos for your itinerary at the event.

Telco in 20 Newsletter FakeAI


4 ways to spot #fakeAI

12 February 2024 - AI will be everywhere at MWC 2024. There are companies doing AI right and others that are faking it. Check out the top ways to identify #fakeAI.

TelcoDR Blog - BSS


The perfect BSS

30 January 2024 - The BSS landscape in telecom is a mess. But change is coming. Totogi is ready to break the mold by bringing together AI and the public cloud to save the day.

TelcoDR Blog - Strategic Advantage


Telcos, don’t give away your strategic advantage!

15 January 2024 - Open Gateway is solving one challenge to taking back lost CPaaS revenue. Now, telco needs to solve the other one.

TelcoDR Blog - AI Strategy


Do you need an AI strategy?

18 December 2023 - GenAI is brand new and changing fast, which is why every telco needs a strategy to drive the use of AI through their organization.

Telco stock chart decline


Dead Vendor Walking – What to do when your vendor is TOAST 

5 December 2023 - Watch out for warning signs that your telco software vendor is struggling and take these steps so its problems don’t become yours.

AWS reInvent 2023


TelcoDR’s top picks for AWS re:Invent ‘23

21 November 2023 - AWS re:Invent starts next week in Las Vegas. Telco execs, wanna know which sessions you should attend? I've created a short list just for you.

Microsoft Ignite 2023: What to watch


What to watch at Microsoft Ignite

6 November 2023 - Microsoft Azure has powerful tools and tech for the telco industry. The company’s annual Ignite shindig gives you a chance to see all of its offerings in action.