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Danielle Royston at the DSP World Leader's Forum, Windsor
Nokia's journey to the public cloud with Azfar Aslam


Ep 75 – Nokia’s journey to becoming cloud native

19 September 2023 - Nokia is shifting focus to enterprise and B2B, which it sees as the future of telecom. Nokia Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for Europe Azfar Aslam talks about its new direction, refactoring legacy products, and what’s next.

Telco in 20 Podcast - Featured Guest: Robert Curran & John Abraham, Appledore Research.


Ep 69 – Appledore Research sits down with Totogi

27 June 2023 - Telco in 20 host Danielle Royston talks with Appledore Research about the state of charging in telecom, what Totogi is up to, and why SaaS is the future for telco.

Telco in 20 Podcast - Featured Guest: Aaron Chan, Founder and Managing Partner, Recurve Capital.


Ep 67 – How to create shareholder value

30 May 2023 - Telco stocks were once a golden ticket. Can they return to their former glory? Recurve Capital Founder Aaron Chan sees a path for the public cloud to help telcos get back in the game.

Optimistic About Telco


I’m optimistic about telco

27 March 2023 - Don't listen to naysayers! Celebrate your network and the untapped potential of solutions like Kandy.

Executive Voice: Hesham Fahmy, CIO, TELUS


Hesham Fahmy, CIO, TELUS on becoming a cloud-native tech-co

10 January 2023 - TELUS is on a path to become a cloud-native organization. CIO Hesham Fahmy talks about how the telecom built momentum for its cloud journey and lessons it learned that other telcos should know.

Telco in 20 Podcast - Featured Guest: Davide Bellini, Accenture Applied Intelligence Lead for Comms and Media, accenture.


Ep 54 – Bye-bye, private cloud; hello, public cloud

15 November 2022 - Davide Bellini from Accenture shares insights into what telcos are planning to do with the public cloud and the challenges and opportunities they’re facing.

Telco in 20 podcast - Featured Guest: Nathan Bell, Partner, Digital Practice, Kearney


Ep 52 – Born to run (in the cloud) with Nathan Bell

18 October 2022 - A few years ago, former M1 Chief Digital Officer Nathan Bell helped the MNO go all-in on the public cloud, making it the most cloud-forward telco in the world at the time. He shares the details of M1's transformation journey.

Amazon broke with Oracle


How Amazon weaned itself off Oracle databases

26 September 2022 - Amazon's consumer business shut down 100% of its Oracle databases. Here’s how they did it so you can do it too.