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Danielle Royston at the DSP World Leader's Forum, Windsor
TelcoDR Cloud


Telco’s shift to the public cloud gets real

21 May 2024 - O2 Telefónica Germany is ditching private cloud and going all-in on the public cloud for its network—a major signal that the future of telco is in the public cloud.

TelcoDR - The public cloud is PERFECT for Africa


The public cloud is PERFECT for Africa

9 April 2024 - The public cloud is taking off in Africa—and it’s a perfect match for the continent's telcos.

Telco in 20 Featured Guest Bruce McClelland, Ribbon Communications


Ep 79 – Weaving through the public cloud with Ribbon

14 November 2023 - Established software vendors face a balancing act between maintaining existing solutions and adopting new tech. Ribbon CEO Bruce McClelland talks about juggling customer needs with innovation and more.

Telco in 20 Featured Andrew Walker, Accenture


Ep 78 – Visionary telcos use the public cloud

31 October 2023 - Andrew Walker from Accenture explains why the move to the public cloud can be challenging for telcos and what they can do about it.

Nokia's journey to the public cloud with Azfar Aslam


Ep 75 – Nokia’s journey to becoming cloud native

19 September 2023 - Nokia is shifting focus to enterprise and B2B, which it sees as the future of telecom. Nokia Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for Europe Azfar Aslam talks about its new direction, refactoring legacy products, and what’s next.

Telco in 20 Podcast - Featured Guest: Steve McDonald, Chief Operating & Technology Officer, giffgaff.


Ep 68 – giffgaff is 1,000 times faster with AWS

13 June 2023 - In 2020, award-winning MVNO giffgaff went all-in on the public cloud. Chief Operating and Technology Officer Steve McDonald shares the inside story on its courageous move.

It’s easy being green with the public cloud


It’s easy being green with the public cloud

10 April 2023 - Telcos can reduce emissions and costs while meeting customers' increasing bandwidth demands with help from the public cloud.

Optimistic About Telco


I’m optimistic about telco

27 March 2023 - Don't listen to naysayers! Celebrate your network and the untapped potential of solutions like Kandy.