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Danielle Royston at the DSP World Leader's Forum, Windsor
Telco in 20 Podcast - Featured Guest: James Grant & Andrew Hoskin, Co-Founders, LastMileXchange.


Ep 17 – The Software Series: LastMileXchange

6 April 2021 - LastMileXchange’s cloud-based access quoting solution shines a spotlight on how the public cloud can transform telecom.

Video thumbnail: Part 2: The Nails in Siebel's Coffin


Part 2: The Nails in Siebel’s Coffin

5 March 2021 - There were fundamental flaws in Siebel’s strategy. Learn why Salesforce was destined to win and Siebel was destined to lose – and how this applies to telcos’ journey to the public cloud

Telco in 20 Podcast - Featured Guest: Andriy Zhylenko, CEO, PortaOne.


Ep 14 – The Software Series: PortaOne

2 March 2021 - Andriy Zhylenko, CEO of PortaOne, talks about leading a pivot to the public cloud via Oracle Cloud.

Customizations suck


Customizations suck

23 February 2021 - A few months ago I wrote an article for Light Reading called, <em>Why do telco software companies have such lame valuation multiples? </em>I made a few key points that are worth checking out.

Telco in 20 Podcast - Featured Guest: Jon Fagan, Senior Principal Cloud Architect, CSG.


Ep 13 – The Software Series: CSG

16 February 2021 - Jon Fagan, Senior Principal Cloud Architect at CSG, talks about what the billion-dollar company is doing with the public cloud.

Telco in 20 Podcast - Featured Guest: Marc Price, Chief Technology Officer, MATRIXX Software.


Ep 11 – The Software Series: MATRIXX

19 January 2021 - The Software Series, Part 1: MATRIXX Software CTO Marc Price talks 5G, designing for the public cloud, and why customizations will be the death of vendors AND telcos.



Stop customizing your software, telcos.

6 October 2020 - Get rid of your customizations and move to multi-tenant SaaS software or be left in your competitor’s dust.