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Danielle Royston at the DSP World Leader's Forum, Windsor
Telco in 20 Podcast - Featured Guest: Charles Fitzgerald, Managing Director, Platformonomics, LLC.


Ep 63 – Ante up to be a public cloud contender

4 April 2023 - Hyperscaler spending on the public cloud is staggering. Charles Fitzgerald, founder of the Platformonomics blog, tracks their CapEx spending to get the inside story on who’s doing things right and who’s falling behind.

Telco in 20 podcast - Featured Guest: Shawn Hakl, VP of 5G Strategy, Microsoft.


Ep 51 – Catching up with Azure and AT&T

4 October 2022 - In 2021, AT&T sold its network cloud to Microsoft Azure. For this episode, Shawn Hakl, Microsoft VP of 5G strategy, shares the latest on how the hyperscaler-telco collaboration is going.

DIsh and 1&1


DISH & AWS vs. 1&1 & Rakuten: two different approaches to new networks

13 September 2021 - We now have two companies developing blueprints for cloud native networks. We dig deeper to see what’s below the surface.

Telco in 20 Podcast - Featured Guest: Rick Houlihan, Senior Practice Manager, AWS.


Ep 23 – DynamoDB: A tier 0 database

10 August 2021 - AWS' Rick Houlihan tells us why flexible and scalable NoSQL databases are a great fit for telco.

In the cloud


15 examples of how telcos are moving to the public cloud

4 February 2021 - Telcos have been taking steps to move applications to the public cloud. Here are examples of telcos using the public cloud to cut costs, grow revenue, and lead in their marketplace.

Be like Vodafone and move your analytics to the public cloud


Be like Vodafone and move your analytics to the public cloud

25 January 2021 - Vodafone has saved nearly 70% by moving its analytics platform to the public cloud. Telcos, listen up: you can do the same. Find out how Voda’s doing it, and why you should move to the public cloud today.

The double bubble


The double bubble: How to minimize costs when moving to the cloud

11 January 2021 - 5G investments got you down? ROIC calculations not looking so good right now? Here are four ideas for saving coins along with tips for managing the double bubble. What's the double bubble? Read on ...



BHAGs (Big hairy audacious goal). FTW?!

14 December 2020 - DR reviews the hot news from AWS re:Invent and some of the big takeaways from CEO Andy Jassy’s opening day keynote address – it’s all about the importance of continuous transformation – reinvent or die!