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Danielle Royston at the DSP World Leader's Forum, Windsor
I’m buying.


I’m buying. How I’m investing in the future of telco.

16 January 2023 - The $1 billion Telco Transformation Fund supports the strategic acquisition, development, and cloudification of software products for the telco market.

Telco in 20 podcast - Featured Guest: Nathan Bell, Partner, Digital Practice, Kearney


Ep 52 – Born to run (in the cloud) with Nathan Bell

18 October 2022 - A few years ago, former M1 Chief Digital Officer Nathan Bell helped the MNO go all-in on the public cloud, making it the most cloud-forward telco in the world at the time. He shares the details of M1's transformation journey.

Customizations suck


Customizations suck

23 February 2021 - A few months ago I wrote an article for Light Reading called, <em>Why do telco software companies have such lame valuation multiples? </em>I made a few key points that are worth checking out.

Telco in 20 Podcast - Featured Guest: Marc Price, Chief Technology Officer, MATRIXX Software.


Ep 11 – The Software Series: MATRIXX

19 January 2021 - The Software Series, Part 1: MATRIXX Software CTO Marc Price talks 5G, designing for the public cloud, and why customizations will be the death of vendors AND telcos.

GSMA Thrive


Why Telcos Need to Move to the Public Cloud

2 November 2020 - In this 10-minute talk I delivered at GSMA Thrive North America in October, I unpack why telcos need to migrate to the public cloud – the massive savings opportunity.



Stop customizing your software, telcos.

6 October 2020 - Get rid of your customizations and move to multi-tenant SaaS software or be left in your competitor’s dust.