All systems go for Barcelona!

If you follow me on Twitter (and if not, why not? I’m hilarious!), you may have seen the video and photos of our vision for CLOUD CITY.

There’s a 15-ton ‘floating’ roof, trees, demo pods, and features that our team is working overtime to source, including huge, six-meter glass panes and stunning wood flooring. And this is in addition to all the awesome tech our vendors are demo-ing.

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Getting all of this done is a fairly big ask only 47 days before the show, and we’ve had a few curve balls thrown our way, like supply chain issues trying to get materials to Barca in time. We’re getting creative, we’re thinking like engineers, we’re even booking a crane! Will we get it done in time? Tune in to find out!

Awesome visuals aside, the most exciting news this week is that CLOUD CITY has SOLD OUT! We’ve got super cool vendors from the world of public cloud exhibiting and demoing in the booth. Around 30 companies have been confirmed, and the waitlist is growing.

What will you experience when you visit CLOUD CITY? Well, as it’s bigger than a football field – there is a LOT of cool stuff to see! To make things easier, we’re organizing vendors and demos into three major themes:

  • The Subscriber Experience
  • The New Network
  • The Future of Work

Subscribers have been neglected for too long. Terrible experiences with their telcos, crappy apps, dumb chatbots in inaccessible call centers, having to go to a store when you’re over-billed and under-served: mobile subscribers are suffering due to a lack of innovation by telcos.

The Subscriber Experience at CLOUD CITY will show how this can be transformed. We’ll have a 360-degree immersive experience to help telcos see a future where their customers LOVE doing business with them enabled by the power of the public cloud. We’ll show how becoming customer-centric can have a massive positive impact on your ARPU and at the same time be awesome for your subscribers. You’ll definitely want to experience this in person.

The New Network will be where you go to check out what’s new and killer in networking tech. It’s where Ericsson customers can go to see how easy (and cheap!) it is to replace their proprietary network products with new O-RAN technology. You can talk to these new kids on the block: the vendors driving the disaggregation of hardware and software. This is the place to learn about all the amazing stuff you can do with public cloud, not just at the network core, but at the edge.

We’ve done subscribers, we’ve done network. The final piece of the telco cloud puzzle? Welcome to the Future of Work! So, COVID-19 screwed up a lot of things but it didn’t screw up the working lives of millions of white collar workers – quite the opposite. We’ve spent 15 months locked down and working remotely, and you know what? Turns out lots of people are MORE productive and WAY happier WFH than being stuck in an office. The future of work is much more than Zoom calls ad nauseam; it’s time to realize that the days of trophy corporate headquarters are dead and the future is no longer real estate, but the network.

Those are your three main experience areas at CLOUD CITY. We’ll also have a whole room dedicated to cloud-native software and an area devoted to successful transformation – plus hundreds of hours of live broadcast content, dozens of innovative vendors exhibiting with us, more than 60 demos, and scores of speakers. One hundred percent awesome.

Just 47 days to go. The countdown is on!

Hasta luego,

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