Unlock the true value of your BSS with AI

When we think about Business Support Systems (BSS), the first things that come to mind are managing customer orders, handling support requests, and keeping a user-friendly interface. While these tasks are crucial, they barely scratch the surface on the true business value of the system. The real treasure trove of a BSS is its data—a vast, untapped potential just waiting to be unleashed.

Traditionally, BSS data has been locked away by proprietary software vendors, inaccessible without costly professional services, or trapped across systems that are impossible to cross-reference to generate the insights you need. But this is changing. Generative AI (GenAI) is emerging as a game-changer for telecoms, helping the industry unlock the information hidden in our BSS data. Imagine having an AI-enabled business support system that can analyze your data, identify trends and anomalies, and even suggest actions to optimize your business. It would be like having a super-powered data scientist at your command.

So, what could you achieve if you could truly harness your BSS data? The potential is HUGE. You could gain strategic insights into market trends, your competitive position, and areas for business improvement. You could achieve operational excellence by optimizing processes, eliminating inefficiencies, and enhancing the quality of service. Personalization would allow you to create targeted offerings that resonate with customer segments, increasing revenue and satisfaction. And with predictive power, you could forecast churn, identify upsell opportunities, and proactively address potential issues. The positive financial impact of all of this is substantial, with achievements like these within reach:

  • 75% reduction in support costs by autonomously resolving cases
  • 10% reduction in operational costs through streamlined processes
  • 15% increase in ARPU from hyper-personalized offerings
  • 20% decrease in churn by engaging at-risk customers proactively through data-driven insights

TM Forum’s ODA: A great first step, but not the whole enchilada

TM Forum’s Open Digital Architecture (ODA) sets out with noble intentions: to standardize APIs and enhance interoperability across BSS systems. It’s a crucial step forward for the industry, promoting openness and collaboration. However, in the real world, ODA faces significant challenges that can limit its effectiveness.

During our process of certifying Totogi’s BSS against 44 TM Forum Open APIs, we ran into some challenges with the approach of the ODA:

  • Complexity overload: Implementing the ODA is no small feat. The architecture is intricate, with many moving parts. Few organizations have the in-house expertise to manage this complexity. Can telcos really handle this level of complexity on their own?
  • Data discrepancies: ODA aims to standardize APIs, but it doesn’t fully tackle the challenge of harmonizing data structures across different BSS systems. Each system has its own data model, creating a patchwork of data fields with similar intentions but potentially different semantic meanings.
  • The multi-vendor maze: Most telecom operators don’t use a single BSS from one vendor. They juggle multiple systems—some standalone, others parts of larger suites. Take Vodafone, for instance: in 2020, it reportedly had 180 BSS applications in each of its 24 markets around the world. Swapping out a component in this tangled web remains a daunting task, even with ODA.
  • Adoption hurdles: The industry-wide adoption of ODA is still a work in progress. What happens when a vendor in your ecosystem hasn’t fully embraced TM Forum’s approach? Until it becomes a widespread standard, the benefits of ODA will be limited.

While ODA is a vital move towards openness and interoperability, it’s not a silver bullet on its own. Telecoms need a more flexible, AI-driven approach to truly tap into the insights hidden in their BSS data. Totogi has a different approach to solving this problem: harmonize the data structures with AI. By empowering business users—and not having to rely on the tech department and change requests (CRs) for everything—we can create a smarter, more agile industry—beyond what ODA can achieve on its own.

From vision to reality: the AI-PI

How can we make this vision a reality? The answer lies in Totogi’s concept of an “AI-PI”—an AI-driven API intelligent layer that sits atop your BSS data, understanding its structure and unlocking its full potential. At its core it is an AI-enabled data structure that can talk to your existing BSS, gathering insights, answering questions, and generating new functionality. This AI-PI doesn’t just expose data; it empowers business users to gain the insights they need to drive measurable business results. It can write code, generate screens, integrate systems, and even migrate data to new systems, thanks to GenAI.

BSS Magic enters the chat

Totogi’s BSS Magic is democratizing access to BSS data and making it a true engine for growth. But the impact goes beyond just technical possibility—it’s about transformational efficiency. Imagine reducing your investment in CRs by 10x, and achieving the same result 10x faster. This is the promise of AI-powered BSS democratization. Eliminate the spend on costly professional services and complex integrations, and replace it with a model that gives business users the same output without having to wait on the IT team. It’s about empowering business users with the ability to ask natural language questions and get answers, without intermediaries. It’s about speed and agility in an industry that desperately needs it.

Nik Willetts, CEO of TMForum was right last year: the industry is in a code red situation. We need to be able to deliver on the ROI of building new networks, otherwise there’s no sense in building 6G networks. It’s time for telcos to capitalize on the insights waiting in BSS data for new revenue streams and higher profit. Let’s build an industry that’s truly smart, driven by data and powered by AI.

Experience the future of BSS at DTW24

If you’re excited about this potential, come see it in action at TM Forum’s DTW24-Ignite in Copenhagen from June 18 – 20. Totogi will be demoing BSS Magic in the AWS space, showcasing how to unlock the true value of your BSS data. Want to meet up and explore the possibilities? DM me on LinkedIn or X @TelcoDR and let’s connect. Together, we can revolutionize the industry.

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