Cloud native isn’t enough – telcos need to adopt webscale applications

I delivered a talk for telco execs at the ‘Davos of Telecoms’ (TelecomTV’s DSP Leaders World Forum ’21) focused on driving BUSINESS VALUE from the public cloud.

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Video thumbnail: DR on the Salesforce vs. Siebel story.
Part 1: Siebel vs. Salesforce

Who doesn’t love a great business story?! The battle for the CRM market waged between Siebel and Salesforce was epic. And the objections Salesforce overcame will sound totally familiar to you telco execs.

Video thumbnail: Part 2: The Nails in Siebel's Coffin
Part 2: The Nails in Siebel’s Coffin

There were fundamental flaws in Siebel’s strategy. Learn why Salesforce was destined to win and Siebel was destined to lose – and how this applies to telcos’ journey to the public cloud

Video thumbnail: Part 3: Introducing Totogi!
Part 3: Introducing Totogi!

Watch this for an EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK at a soon-to-launch market disruptor 🤔 : the first and only webscale charging engine that can handle 100% of the world’s charging volume on ONE PLATFORM.

Video thumbnail - Part 4: Totogi's Automatic Plan Design
Part 4: Totogi’s Automatic Plan Design

Spoiler alert! With Totogi’s Automatic Plan Design, you can reduce churn by up to 20%, attract up to 25% more subscribers, and boost ARPU growth by up to 15%.

Video thumbnail - Part 5: Totogi's Super App
Part 5: Totogi’s Super App

Do more with your mobile app – make it a SUPER APP! Totogi built one for you and connected it to charging, so you can easily double your current monthly ARPU and deliver a 5 star subscriber experience, while building loyalty and engagement.

Video thumbnail - Part 6: Totogi is Super Cheap!
Part 6: Totogi is Super Cheap!

Ready for the icing on the cake? Totogi will save you up to 80% on your current TCO of your #fakecloud, on premise charging solution. Charge ahead with the fastest, most scalable charger on the market!

Part 7: Totogi is the *New* Ant at the Picnic

Who doesn't love a great underdog story? I love to hear about innovative, brave startups taking on the status quo, upsetting a top dog, and coming out ahead. This story is exactly that.