Part 6: Totogi is Super Cheap!

Video thumbnail - Part 6: Totogi is Super Cheap!

Ready for the icing on the cake? Totogi will save you up to 80% on your current TCO of your #fakecloud, on premise charging solution. Charge ahead with the fastest, most scalable charger on the market!


And last, this is just an extra benefit really. Just like Salesforce was to Siebel, this system will be way cheaper because you don’t have all that infrastructure to deal with. It’s all built-in and provided as a service. Totogi believes they will be 80% cheaper compared to your TCO on-premise.

So, I wondered, can Totogi run a viable business while pricing their products so low? So, I got my crack team at TelcoDF to do some math.

How much do telcos spend globally on charging infrastructure? 

Every single telco has a charger installed, sometimes more than one. We found that the global market spends about 12 billion dollars a year deploying and managing charging systems, which include everything from data center, hardware, software, disaster recovery, people, and don’t forget all the consultancy needed to implement your plans quickly.

Assuming there are 8 billion subscribers globally, we figured telcos spend an average of $1.50 per subscriber per year for charging. Totogi thinks that if everyone would just adopt its platform instead of doing it themselves, the industry spend on charging would go from 12 billion dollars to 2.5 billion dollars. This is obviously a great business for Totogi, even while they save you 80%.

So, three fantastic ideas: automatic plan recommendations using AI and ML, creating super apps for telcos, and making charging super cheap for you. Tons of business value, just like how Salesforce beat Siebel.

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