Ep 38 – What's Up with Totogi? The Future of Charging

This week’s guest

Hakan Dursun

Chief Marketing Officer Totogi

We get a lot of questions about Totogi, but the top one has to be, “Why charging?” Nothing new has happened in charging in decades; even Ericsson and Huawei give it away for free when they bundle it with their network kit. But with the widespread availability of the public cloud, coupled with best-in-class data tools, there’s a great opportunity for awesome innovation in the areas of charging and rating.

For this episode in the “What’s up with Totogi?” series, I decided to bring Totogi CMO Hakan Dursun on the podcast to tell the Totogi story. Hakan and I break down why creating plans is so hard for telcos, what CMOs wish they could do, and how Totogi is reinventing how telcos think about charging.

Hit play to hear our conversation about:

  • Why the existing plan design process in telco is terrible [05:11];
  • What got Hakan so excited about Totogi [8:57];
  • How Totogi can help CMOs deliver personalized plans to EVERY subscriber – in hours and days, instead of months and years [11:18];
  • What makes Totogi’s API-based, pay-by-the-use system a game changer for telcos (double your ARPU, anyone?) [12:38].

CMOs can’t believe how easy it is to use the Totogi system. Want to give it a try? Join our upcoming webinar.

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Author’s bio

With more than 20 years of experience, Hakan has helped transform and grow many telcos around the world. He has top management consulting experience with Boston Consulting Group, Booz Allen, and Delta Partners, and has worked in the United States, Europe, Middle East, and Africa. He has held executive positions at British Telecom and Türk Telekom, most recently serving as Türk Telekom CMO, where he managed a $5 billion P&L with 45-million subscribers.

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