Moving the ball forward on CLOUD CITY

Lots of things are going on with MWC planning. It’s all hands on deck over here at TelcoDR!

The GSMA announced recently that Spain will allow non-EU attendees to travel to Barcelona for the event. Woohoo! As for me, I’ve gotten my second vaccine shot, and the US announced that if you’re vaccinated, you don’t have to quarantine when returning from abroad. Going to Barcelona in June is going to be a real treat compared to the usually chilly February, and I’m excited to take advantage of it.

Attending MWC24? Meet you there!
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We have less than 67 days to build CLOUD CITY. I can’t wait. The plan is coming together:

  • I’ve heard from dozens and dozens of vendors that want to build CLOUD CITY alongside me and be part of the biggest, boldest space in the Fira. I’ll be announcing the partners that will be joining me in CLOUD CITY – follow me on Twitter for the latest and greatest breaking news!
  • I hope to see you in person, but if you’ll be watching from home, we’ve got you covered. We are putting together a live streaming event throughout the days of MWC, which will stream on our own TelcoDR digital platform. Got a recommendation for a topic or speaker you’d like to see? Send me a message! I’m booking guests now.
  • If you’re remote and want to cruise around the booth, you can do that too. We’re working on having 100 telepresence robots like these zooming around CLOUD CITY and beaming demos, meetings, and those all-important trade-show chance encounters to virtual attendees all over the world.
  • We’re also working on designs for the space and it’s going to absolutely ROCK! Send me a list of what you want CLOUD CITY to include. Do you need workspaces, super-fast internet, decent coffee, and charging stations at the event? Share your wishlist with me and check out my Twitter where I’ll be sharing early mock-ups of the booth for you to see!

The plan is coming together, but we still have so much to do. And we’d love to hear from you. We’ve opened the blog for comments so you can give us ideas on how to make the space shine. You can also catch me on LinkedIn or Twitter, or send me an email or text.

Can’t wait to hear from you. See you in Barcelona!

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