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I hear how telco execs worry that they’ll be hit with unexpected “sticker shock” when they transition workloads to the public cloud. Some are so anxious about it that they hedge their bets by designing ways to move workloads back on-prem before they even start.

FACE. PALM. 🤦🏻‍♀️

This is super short-sighted and a fast way to derail true cloud transformation, but what really bugs me is it’s totally the wrong approach. Instead, telcos should build top-notch FinOps and IT practices that are focused on constantly optimizing workloads from the get-go, both financially and technically. There are lots of ways to do this, and there are tons of consultants out there who are ready to help.

But there are also software packages out there, too. There’s a super cool SaaS platform I know of that can quickly find MILLIONS of dollars in savings and AUTOMATICALLY go get them for you—I’m talking about CloudFix. When I learned how it works, I thought it was so awesome that I signed an exclusive partner agreement with CloudFix that’s perfect for telco.

A new, automated solution from CloudFix

One of the challenges with cloud cost optimization is that while people and software can identify recommendations, 9 times out of 10, the changes need to be made manually (ugh) to realize savings. The problem with that is, your DevOps teams are already busy supporting the business. They don’t have time to research fixes, make sure they won’t screw anything up, and make the actual changes. So a lot of the time, the fixes never get done and savings never materialize.

CloudFix solves this problem. It scans your AWS account, identifies changes that will save money, and once you approve the changes, implements them without your DevOps team having to lift a finger. By seamlessly integrating with AWS environments, CloudFix saves customers an average of 15-20% on their AWS costs. I’ll do that math for you: If you’re spending $100 million per test on AWS, partnering with TelcoDR and CloudFix could potentially save you $15-20 million. That’s nothing to sneeze at. You could drop those savings to your bottom line, use them on experimental GenAI workloads, or heck, even spend them with my company, Totogi.

How CloudFix works

Today, CloudFix works only on AWS. It actively monitors the 50-plus AWS advisories, or best practice bulletins, that the hyperscaler publishes weekly. Once you finish the 10-minute set up process, the solution scans your AWS usage data and uses machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to identify all the places you can optimize. Then it provides you with a list of AWS-recommended changes you can make to save money, along with a short description that explains each one.

Don’t worry: CloudFix scans automatically, but won’t implement any changes without your permission. Changes are published to AWS’ Change Manager where they await your review—using the best practices process AWS recommends for making changes to your environment. If you’re good with the recommendations, you accept them and boom! They’re done. A super, no-hassle way to realize savings. Even better, it doesn’t require your team to do the work. You just sit back and watch your spending level magically go down.

It’s fast to set up and super easy to use. It’s a SaaS platform, so there’s no software to install. You start saving immediately, and the longer and more frequently you use it, the more you’ll save.

Think of it like finding money in an old winter coat, but instead of a $5 dollar bill, it’s MILLIONS and MILLIONS of dollars. The money is already there, just waiting for you to discover it.

Want proof? CloudFix has a customer that used the solution on its $160 million annual AWS spend. Its solution identified $66 million in savings over three years. In this case, there was a little trick CloudFix knew about that the customer wasn’t doing in its environment. CloudFix just had to change one thing—ONE!—and these huge savings just appeared out of nowhere. And no, I’m not going to tell you what the one thing was; you’re going to have to test it for yourself. But this one thing is the reason I JUMPED at the chance to secure an exclusive partnership with CloudFix for my telco buddies, and I’m going to pass this savings opportunity on to you.

Tailored to telcos spending $20M to $1B

You can buy CloudFix through AWS Marketplace, but when you buy it through TelcoDR, you get access to our pre-negotiated discount that helps you save EVEN MORE on your cloud spend. To make it a no brainer to at least TRY, we’re offering a free savings assessment to telcos that want to learn more.

We recommend CloudFix for any telco organization spending $20 million to $1 billion USD with AWS annually (CloudFix recently helped a customer that spends $1 billion A MONTH – yikes!). You can expect at least 15% savings; on a $100 million spend, that’s $15 million. If you’re spending more than a billion dollars with AWS, you probably already have special pricing, so CloudFix may not be as effective. But if you’re within my threshold, I’m your gal!

Ready to learn more? Shoot me an email or DM me on Twitter or LinkedIn and we’ll get you some savings ASAP! Let’s do this, telco! Let’s save some bookoo bucks!

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