I’ve raised $1B to transform the software of the telco industry

The public cloud is coming to telco! I acquire and invest in telco enterprise software companies to pivot the products for the public cloud.

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Join our growing portfolio of telco software products

Strategic focus on telco, and telco only

No distractions. No other verticals. We know what we want to do. The telco enterprise software we acquire and invest in are integral to our public cloud vision.

A strategic buyer

We buy and hold forever. Your company will join a strategic group of telco enterprise software companies. We build deep customer relationships and continue investment in the products to pivot them to the public cloud.

A smooth and successful transition

It’s quick and easy to work with our team of seasoned M&A experts. Our efficient due diligence and rapid close process provides an excellent acquisition experience for your team.

Acquisition Criteria


Telecommunications focus

We select companies that work primarily in the telecommunications vertical.


B2B enterprise software

We focus on enterprise software companies whose ideal customers are Communications Service Providers (MNO, MVNx).


Broad geographic reach

We’re a global organization and can acquire businesses in any location.


No revenue requirements

No company or asset is too large or too small.

We consider products and companies with revenue as low as $1m annually recurring revenue, to 10-figure total revenue. We love a great growth story and we’ll move quickly in urgent situations.


All product life cycles

Your intellectual property is valuable! And we understand when products experience technical debt and are on the decline.

As long as your product has telco customer revenue associated with it, we’re buying.


Transactions of all types

We’re open to deals of all kinds – from full acquisitions to divestitures, carve outs, and even bankruptcy situations.

Our broad risk tolerance helps us to navigate complex business environments.

Our Growing Portfolio

NewNet Mobile Communications
Service Gateway
STL - divested assets
Vasona Networks

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