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Danielle Royston at the DSP World Leader's Forum, Windsor
Nokia's journey to the public cloud with Azfar Aslam


Ep 75 – Nokia’s journey to becoming cloud native

19 September 2023 - Nokia is shifting focus to enterprise and B2B, which it sees as the future of telecom. Nokia Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for Europe Azfar Aslam talks about its new direction, refactoring legacy products, and what’s next.

Totogi introduces CPaaS platform Whoosh!


Will Whoosh! work?

12 September 2023 - Totogi just launched Whoosh!, a CPaaS offering with 100% Twilio-compatible, Application-to-Person (A2P) APIs. Will it work?

Telco in 20 podcast Ep 74 It's time to take on Twilio with Danielle Royston


Ep 74 – It’s time to take on Twilio!

5 September 2023 - The future of enterprise telco lies in network APIs. Here's a three-step plan to take back CPaaS revenue from companies like Twilio, plus a sneak peek at a powerful new Totogi CPaaS product.

Telcos need a Twilio alternative


Think you’ve already lost to Twilio? Think again.

29 August 2023 - Totogi surveyed telecom leaders about what needs to happen for telcos to recapture enterprise messaging revenue.

Telco in 20 podcast Ep 73 Can telcos compete in CPaaS? With Yesmean Luk, STL Partners


Ep 73 – Can telco compete in CPaaS?

22 August 2023 - Telcos have lost money to companies like Twilio that make it easy for developers to add CPaaS capabilities to products. But the landscape is shifting and there are signs that telcos are ready to take back the CPaaS reins.

Google Cloud Next Watch List 2023


TelcoDR’s Watch List for Google Cloud Next ’23

15 August 2023 - Google Cloud Next runs from August 29-31. Check out my hand-picked shortlist of must-see topics for telcos.


Ep 72 – Mats Granryd talks Open Gateway

8 August 2023 - GSMA Director General Mats Granryd sits down to talk about how Open Gateway could spark a massive shift in the telco industry and what needs to happen for it to succeed.

TelcoDR Summer reading list


TelcoDR’s Summer Reading List 2023

31 July 2023 - We ran through all the content we’ve created this year to identify major themes and build a TelcoDR Cheat Sheet. Think of it as Obama's summer reading list, but with a telco twist.