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Danielle Royston at the DSP World Leader's Forum, Windsor
TelcoDR Cloud


Telco’s shift to the public cloud gets real

21 May 2024 - O2 Telefónica Germany is ditching private cloud and going all-in on the public cloud for its network—a major signal that the future of telco is in the public cloud.

Telco in 20 Guest Jason Hogg Microsoft


Ep 91 – Exploring AIOps with Microsoft Azure

14 May 2024 - Microsoft Azure i helping telcos manage their data for AI workloads and prepare for an AI revolution.

TL20 Ali Talks Tech with Totogi and Zain


Ep 90 – Ali Talks Tech with Totogi and Zain on Sudan’s telecom crisis

30 April 2024 - Ali Hussein Kassim, host of Ali Talks Tech, Abdalla Hamid, Director of IT at Zain Sudan, and I discuss the details of Totogi’s work to restore critical mobile services in Sudan after they were knocked out due to the ongoing civil war.


Why AI’s future might depend on nuclear energy

23 April 2024 - Powering the future of AI demands a reliable, low-carbon energy source. Is it time to take a fresh look at nuclear power?

Telco in 20 Guest Shay Assaraf Totogi


Ep 89 – What’s up with Totogi: The public cloud is perfect for Africa

16 April 2024 - The hyperscalers are spending billions in Africa, setting the stage for the public cloud to revolutionize the continent’s telcos. With regulations easing and affordable SaaS solutions growing, African telecoms are poised for an era of growth and success.

TelcoDR - The public cloud is PERFECT for Africa


The public cloud is PERFECT for Africa

9 April 2024 - The public cloud is taking off in Africa—and it’s a perfect match for the continent's telcos.

Telco in 20 Guest Charles Fitzgerald Platformonomics


Ep 88 – Cloud CAPEX: Not for the faint of wallet

2 April 2024 - Following the hyperscalers' CAPEX spending is a great way to get a sense of their strategic plans and priorities. Charles Fitzgerald from Platformonomics offers insights into the Big 3's 2023 investments.

TelcoDR Disaster Recovery


Cloud burst for disaster recovery

26 March 2024 - Telcos can slash disaster recovery costs by 90% and eliminate the headaches of maintaining an on-prem system. Here’s how.