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Danielle Royston at the DSP World Leader's Forum, Windsor
TelcoDR - The public cloud is PERFECT for Africa


The public cloud is PERFECT for Africa

9 April 2024 - The public cloud is taking off in Africa—and it’s a perfect match for the continent's telcos.

Telco in 20 Guest Charles Fitzgerald Platformonomics


Ep 88 – Cloud CAPEX: Not for the faint of wallet

2 April 2024 - Following the hyperscalers' CAPEX spending is a great way to get a sense of their strategic plans and priorities. Charles Fitzgerald from Platformonomics offers insights into the Big 3's 2023 investments.

TelcoDR Disaster Recovery


Cloud burst for disaster recovery

26 March 2024 - Telcos can slash disaster recovery costs by 90% and eliminate the headaches of maintaining an on-prem system. Here’s how.

Telco in 20 Featured Guest Brian Beutler Alianza


Ep 87 – Scaling telcos’ cloud mountain with Alianza

19 March 2024 - Alianza moved UCaaS to AWS, offering a SaaS solution that leverages the scalability and resilience of the public cloud.

Transforming Customer Support with AI Blog


How to transform your customer support with AI

12 March 2024 - Customer support is the first place to look when adding GenAI to your org. We set out to boost performance in this area, and today we handle 56% of queries with no human intervention. Here’s how we did it.

Telco in 20: DR at MWC24


Ep 86 – Reinventing BSS

5 March 2024 - Last week I opened MWC’s second annual MVNO Summit with an epic talk about the AI-powered revolution in telco business support systems (BSS). We captured the talk on video, and I’ve turned it into this podcast.



5 things you gotta do at MWC24

22 February 2024 - MWC24 is finally here! Telco execs, here are five must-dos for your itinerary at the event.

Telco in 20 Featured Guest Chris Bradley, 2degrees


Ep 85 – What’s up with Totogi: 2degrees, a modern telco

20 February 2024 - New Zealand MNO 2degrees is tapping Totogi's multi-tenant charger to streamline MVNO onboarding and support, and to capture additional revenue.