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Danielle Royston at the DSP World Leader's Forum, Windsor
Telco in 20 Featured Guest Cyrus Mistry Totogi


Ep 80 – What’s up with Totogi? How Totogi is bringing AI to charging

28 November 2023 - Totogi is using the public cloud, AI, and data-driven algorithms to help the industry adopt dynamic, personalized pricing that maximizes the bottom line.

AWS reInvent 2023


TelcoDR’s top picks for AWS re:Invent ‘23

21 November 2023 - AWS re:Invent starts next week in Las Vegas. Telco execs, wanna know which sessions you should attend? I've created a short list just for you.

Telco in 20 Featured Guest Bruce McClelland, Ribbon Communications


Ep 79 – Weaving through the public cloud with Ribbon

14 November 2023 - Established software vendors face a balancing act between maintaining existing solutions and adopting new tech. Ribbon CEO Bruce McClelland talks about juggling customer needs with innovation and more.

Microsoft Ignite 2023: What to watch


What to watch at Microsoft Ignite

6 November 2023 - Microsoft Azure has powerful tools and tech for the telco industry. The company’s annual Ignite shindig gives you a chance to see all of its offerings in action.

Telco in 20 Featured Andrew Walker, Accenture


Ep 78 – Visionary telcos use the public cloud

31 October 2023 - Andrew Walker from Accenture explains why the move to the public cloud can be challenging for telcos and what they can do about it.


MVNOs, it’s time to Moneyball with AI

23 October 2023 - Embracing AI, the public cloud, and Totogi's SaaS solutions can help MVNOs compete with big league MNOs.

Telco in 20 Featured Stetson Doggett, Founder, Best Phone Plans


Ep 77 – Why do subscribers churn: network coverage or price?

17 October 2023 - Ninety percent of consumers are on mobile phone plans that aren’t a good fit. Stetson Doggett, founder of, lifts the curtain on why they’re overpaying, what prompts them to switch providers, and where they can look for better options.

MVNOs can use AI - TelcoDR Blog


MVNOs can use AI too

9 October 2023 - Here are five ways operators and MVNOs of all sizes are leveraging AI for game-changing results. Don’t get left behind!