The public cloud is here for telco. Learn why to move, how to move and how to make it awesome!


Ep 72 – Mats Granryd talks Open Gateway

GSMA Director General Mats Granryd sits down to talk about how Open Gateway could spark a massive shift in the telco industry and what needs to happen for it to succeed.

Executive voices

Executive Voice: Juha Korhonen, Yaqoot


Juha Korhonen, the transformation leader, on the successful launch of Yaqoot.

Juha was instrumental in Zain Group’s launch of Yaqoot, a digital mobile operator in the Middle East. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at a bonafide, digital-transformation success story.

Executive Voices - Marc Rouanne


Marc Rouanne, EVP & Chief Network Office, DISH Wireless on rolling out a new, greenfield, 5G network.

DISH Wireless EVP and Chief Network Officer Marc Rouanne talks about DISH’s cloud-native 5G network, its partnership with AWS, and more.

Executive Voice: Ferry Grijpink, Partner, at McKinsey & Company


Ferry Grijpink, Partner, at McKinsey & Company talks about boosting ARPU through personalization.

Telco leaders have been scratching their heads about how to monetize their 5G network. One of the world’s top think tanks, McKinsey & Company, has opinions on this topic—and research to back them up.

Executive Voice: Hesham Fahmy, CIO, TELUS


Hesham Fahmy, CIO, TELUS on becoming a cloud-native tech-co

TELUS is on a path to become a cloud-native organization. CIO Hesham Fahmy talks about how the telecom built momentum for its cloud journey and lessons it learned that other telcos should know.

Executive Voice: Peter Adderton, CEO of MobileX


Peter Adderton, CEO of MobileX on a new MVNO approach.

MobileX is using AI and subscriber usage insights to design personalized plans with transparent pricing. CEO Peter Adderton explains what it’s up to and why.

Ahmed Khattak | Executive Voice


Ahmed Khattak, founder and CEO of US Mobile on building a killer MVNO.

An interview with Ahmed Khattak, founder and CEO of US Mobile, an MVNO built entirely on the public cloud. They discuss Ahmed's background and vision for US Mobile, the company's unique features, the benefits of building on the public cloud, and its underrated attribute.

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