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Over the next 20 years, the telco industry will radically change as we move the entire IT estate to the public cloud to use AI. Are you ready?

Telco in 20 helps telecom execs drive transformative change through the savvy use of public cloud and AI. Host Danielle Royston and high profile guests from across telecom share their vision for the industry’s future, the impact of artificial intelligence, and what telcos need to do to thrive.

☑ Created in 2020
☑ More than 80 episodes
☑ Over 100,000 downloads
☑ Global audience spanning 148 countries
☑ Celebrated Latina host in male-dominated industry

D.R. on the Telco in 20 Podcast

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Telco in 20 Featured Guest Rick Lievano, CTO WW Telecom Industry, Microsoft.
Ep 76 – Into the Nexus of GenAI with Microsoft

Rick Lievano, Microsoft CTO for Worldwide Telecommunications Industry, talks about telco and the public cloud, Azure Operator Nexus, and how GenAI is changing everything.

Telco in 20 Featured Guest Josie Smith BT Group
Ep 82 – Beam me up, BT 🖖

BT Group started its public cloud journey in 2019, putting it in a strong position to tap the strategic capabilities of AI. Chief Architect, Digital, Josie Smith talks about BT Group's mission to simplify thousands of apps, unleash AI, and reskill its workforce for digital transformation.

Telco in 20 Featured Stetson Doggett, Founder, Best Phone Plans
Ep 77 – Why do subscribers churn: network coverage or price?

Ninety percent of consumers are on mobile phone plans that aren’t a good fit. Stetson Doggett, founder of BestPhonePlans.net, lifts the curtain on why they’re overpaying, what prompts them to switch providers, and where they can look for better options.

Telco in 20 podcast Ep 73 Can telcos compete in CPaaS? With Yesmean Luk, STL Partners
Ep 73 – Can telco compete in CPaaS?

Telcos have lost money to companies like Twilio that make it easy for developers to add CPaaS capabilities to products. But the landscape is shifting and there are signs that telcos are ready to take back the CPaaS reins.

Mats Granryd, Director General, GSMA, talks Open Gateway

GSMA Director General Mats Granryd sits down to talk about how Open Gateway could spark a massive shift in the telco industry and what needs to happen for it to succeed.

Telco in 20 Podcast - Featured Guest: Steve McDonald, Chief Operating & Technology Officer, giffgaff.
Ep 68 – giffgaff is 1,000 times faster with AWS

In 2020, award-winning MVNO giffgaff went all-in on the public cloud. Chief Operating and Technology Officer Steve McDonald shares the inside story on its courageous move.

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What our listeners are saying

I have recently discovered and listened to all episodes of your podcast (and shared a few with members of my team). I especially loved the one with Juha about his work at Zain, as it’s very relevant to what we’re doing.

Telco Digital Transformation Director

I’m hearing your podcast episode, ‘The paradox of the public cloud’ and just read about your CLOUD CITY initiative at MWC. Love the clarity in your fanfare and vision for the industry.

Hyperscaler Global Account Director

As a telco exec…I really enjoy your podcast…Highly engaging!

Telco Executive General Manager

Love your TelcoDR podcast, thanks for sharing!!!

Hyperscaler Global Account Director

I’ve recently found and enjoyed Telco in 20 … not only is host Danielle Royston an accomplished telecom pro with a terrific track record, she is a woman in telecom. Even in 2023 that is still such a rarity…

Technology Leader

Our host, Danielle Rios Royston

Danielle Rios Royston (who goes by DR) is the founder and CEO of TelcoDR and the acting CEO of Totogi, the world’s most advanced telco SaaS software company purpose-building products for the public cloud. She has over 30 years of enterprise software experience and 15+ as a CEO specializing in turnarounds.

Widely recognized as a thought leader, DR has been asked to speak on some of the biggest stages in the industry, including keynote stages at MWC ‘21, ‘22, ‘23. She has also been featured in numerous publications including Forbes, TelecomTV, Light Reading, and Fast Company.

As telecom’s leading public cloud evangelist, DR has been the driving force behind the industry’s adoption of the public cloud, most notably as the creator of CLOUD CITY at MWC Barcelona in 2021. She has raised $1 billion to fundamentally transform telco software, propelling the industry to new heights with the power of the public cloud. She resides in Austin, TX, and holds a B.S. in computer science from Stanford University.

Danielle Royston

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Our podcast focuses on the many ways telco execs can drive transformative change through the savvy use of public cloud and AI, and features insights and conversations from top C-level executives in the telco industry.

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