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Over the next 20 years, the telco industry will change radically and move the entire IT estate to the public cloud. Are you ready?

Telco in 20 helps telecom execs drive transformative change through the savvy use of public cloud. I share my vision for where the industry is heading and what telcos need to do to stay ahead.

D.R. on the Telco in 20 Podcast

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I have recently discovered and listened to all episodes of your podcast (and shared a few with members of my team). I especially loved the one with Juha about his work at Zain, as it’s very relevant to what we’re doing.

Telco Digital Transformation Director

I’m hearing your podcast episode, ‘The paradox of the public cloud’ and just read about your CLOUD CITY initiative at MWC. Love the clarity in your fanfare and vision for the industry.

Hyperscaler Global Account Director

As a telco exec…I really enjoy your podcast…Highly engaging!

Telco Executive General Manager

Love your TelcoDR podcast, thanks for sharing!!!

Hyperscaler Global Account Director

I’ve recently found and enjoyed Telco in 20 … not only is host Danielle Royston an accomplished telecom pro with a terrific track record, she is a woman in telecom. Even in 2023 that is still such a rarity…

Technology Leader

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Our podcast focuses on the many ways telco execs can drive transformative change through the savvy use of public cloud and features insights and conversations from top C-level executives in the telco industry. 

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