$1 Billion Telco Transformation Fund.

The telco industry is at an inflection point, and the only way forward is through public cloud adoption. We’ve raised significant capital to expedite this transformational shift.

What we do



We build telco software on the public cloud – starting with a $100M investment in Totogi.


We educate the industry –why move workloads to the public cloud, how to do it the right way, and how to make it awesome.


We acquire telco enterprise software companies and refactor their products for the public cloud.

Ep 92 – The state of cloud in telco with Iain Morris from Light Reading

Following telcos’ adoption of the public cloud is critical to understanding the future of the telecom industry. Iain Morris from Light Reading gives his take on where telcos are in their public cloud journey, how AI factors in, and more.

Telco in 20 Guest Iain Morris Light Reading

The public cloud is NOW

Beating the drum about the public cloud: watch the most exciting talk from this year’s event to learn how to turn the public cloud into a competitive advantage.

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