Ep 1 – It starts with…transformational leadership

This week’s guest

Jim Abolt

Senior HR professional and Leadership Guru

While I typically tackle all things telco and public cloud in my podcast, this first episode kicks off with what may be the most important topic – transformational leadership. 

The telco industry is in desperate need of transformational leaders with the courage and know-how to drive change. My guest today, Jim Abolt, knows more about leadership and accountability than anyone I know.

Listen to our conversation to learn about:

  • the qualities that set these special leaders apart [9:25]
  • why it takes big changes to big things to succeed [8:58].
  • Telco exec, be sure to check out my leadership book giveaway at the end of the episode [14:14].

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Guest bio

Jim Abolt is a senior HR professional and leadership guru. He’s widely regarded as an expert in leadership development, culture shaping, and large-scale organizational change. Throughout his career, he has played key roles in helping multimillion-dollar companies with global growth, merger and acquisition integration, and succession planning.

Podcast Credits

  • Executive Producer and Host: Danielle Rios Royston, TelcoDR
  • Executive Producer: Kristin Donelson, OneLouder Marketing
  • Senior Producer: Lindsay Grubb, TillCo Media
  • Editor/Producer: Alisa Jenkins Wilson, Springboard Marketing
  • Audio/Editor: Aaron Joslow, Rally Point Webinars
  • Design/Branding: The Honor Roll

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