Ep 73 – Can telco compete in CPaaS?

This week’s guest

Yesmean Luk

Principle Consultant and Practice Lead STL Partners

The Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) market is expected to hit $60 billion by 2030. Telcos deserve a big piece of this revenue—after all, their networks power CPaaS. But up until now, they’ve lost customers and revenue to companies like Twilio that make it easy for developers to add capabilities to products without having to navigate complicated telco organizations. 

But the landscape is shifting. With the cloud native capabilities of 5G and initiatives like the GSMA’s Open Gateway, there are signs that telcos can take back the CPaaS reins. For this episode, I talk with Yesmean Luk, principle consultant and practice lead at STL Partners, about the future of CPaaS and what telcos need to do to recapture lost enterprise revenue.  

Listen now to hear:

  • Why CPaaS is a huge opportunity for telco [04:32];
  • What needs to happen to make Open Gateway work [07:13];
  • Why enterprise developers will be key to recapturing lost revenue [14:49]; and
  • How having a software mindset can help [16:09].

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Guest bio

Yesmean is a principal consultant at STL Partners and leads the Private Networks practice. She has led major strategic growth projects with both operators and technology companies globally. Her focus has been on helping clients figure out how to drive growth in a B2B2X ecosystem, including in domains such as private networks, network slicing, edge computing and network APIs. She has also authored several thought-leadership reports across these areas and is a regular speaker at renowned industry events. Before joining STL, she held various consulting roles at Deloitte and IBM.

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